1 AM Reflection on Stuff I Learned Today

Call it dumb all you want, but as I stood in the swarming crowd surrounding the stage at the Wu-Tang Clan concert tonight, I guess I gained a little insight about the human condition. It was a bullshit obvious insight, but I take what I get.
Amidst the sea of bodies, I felt so connected to both the total (and really sweaty) strangers next to me as well as my friends who came with me. The actions of an individual, like spilling beer or bumping into a neighbor, effected everyone around them. That action rippled out tenfold to the point where you may well feel the result of someone being an asshat and charging through the crowd, even if they were facing the opposite wing of the stage. Even the air around me reacted to the crowd, changed from the dry, crisp evening air of Salt Lake to a humid sweat cloud that smelled like cigarettes and testosterone.
What I’m trying to say here is our actions, decisions, and mere presence tend to expound out into the collective world, shaping the way others experience it. It’s important that as we participate in the great concert of life that we are considerate of those around us; that we mind our elbows and drinks. And wear deodorant: seriously, that’s so important.


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